Skating Through PhotoImpact 5.0
by Stephanie Baker-Thomas

Skating Through PhotoImpact 5.0 This book is no longer in print, but it is available on CD only. "Skating Through PhotoImpact 5.0" provides expert, detailed guidance on using this image editor to create fabulous, professional-looking web images for your personal or business web site.

This book on CD is a practical, hands-on guide to PhotoImpact's menu commands, toolbars and awesome built-in filters, plug-ins and other special effects. It will help you to find and use the tools you need to skate right through basic and advanced imaging tasks.

"Putting It All Together" exercises at the end of each chapter show how (and why) to use specific menu commands and tools to perform common imaging tasks. These "mini-tutorials" will introduce you to some of PhotoImpact's most dazzling features.

The CD includes the entire contents of the book plus all of the images and objects needed to do the "Putting It All Together" exercises, and 43 of the author's PhotoImpact 5.0 tutorials, many with UFO object kits and images. Shipping: $2.00 US, $9.00 International.

$22.99 ISBN 0-9668559-1-4

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Author Stephanie Baker-Thomas, PhD, has led the way in PhotoImpact online education for five years. Her tutorials, online classes and PhotoImpact Bulletin Board have helped thousands of people to discover the joys of image editing. Many of her tutorials have been licensed to Ulead, and she has alpha and beta-tested numerous versions of PhotoImpact. She is the author of two other books on PhotoImpact. Dr. Baker-Thomas lives in Naples, Florida, with her husband and children.


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