Fun With PhotoImpact 4.2
by Stephanie Baker-Thomas

Fun With PhotoImpact 4.2
This is the first book written in English about "The best-kept secret in imaging software," PhotoImpact 4.2! Learn how to use the program's powerful menu commands, toolbars and panels to whip up professional-quality images quickly and easily. The book is clearly written, with lots of helpful screen shots, tips and tricks. It is a high quality, 304 page perfect-bound softcover book with a color cover, including a Table of Contents and Index. 'Try It For Yourself' consists of fun exercises at the end of each chapter aimed at reinforcing learning and serving as a springboard for further creativity. Order "Fun With PhotoImpact 4.2" plus the PI4.2 Tutorials CD here. Shipping: $7.00 for US, $9.00 for International.

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Author Stephanie Baker-Thomas, PhD, has led the way in PhotoImpact online education for five years. Her tutorials, online classes and PhotoImpact Bulletin Board have helped thousands of people to discover the joys of image editing. Many of her tutorials have been licensed to Ulead, and she has alpha and beta-tested numerous versions of PhotoImpact. She is the author of two other books on PhotoImpact. Dr. Baker-Thomas lives in Naples, Florida, with her husband and children.


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